MA JOIE - Josee Schembri

222 Penshurst-Warrnambool Road

Koroit, Victoria  Australia  3282

t:  (03) 5565 8662

e: josee


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About Me

My name is Josee. I migrated from Belgium in 1969. With such vast amounts of land in Australia, and owning a house with a large backyard (very rare in Belgium) I bought my first pet, a Samoyed. My love of animals grew from there. Now I have many dogs, cats, and a wide range of other pets such as birds, rabbits, etc.Twenty-three years ago I bought a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. This is when I started showing dogs and got into breeding. Now I have Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, Belgian Tervurens, and Griffon Bruxellois. As well as a few of other people's unwanted pets that I acquired through customers from the Koroit Pet Resort, my boarding kennel and cattery which I started in 1996. These pets such as "Boof", "Benny", "Putty", "Lulu" and "Caline" can be seen in the Gallery and are loved just as much as my pure breeds.Although I have had cats for quite a while, it was only last year that I decided to breed cats, and I chose the Persians and Exotics.I love to sit at night and unwind by grooming my cats. I find it very relaxing. It is so wonderful to see how all my pets communicate with each other, all with their own unique personality. It brings me great joy!